Business bridge – Serbia-Austria-Europe

Published on February 27, 2014 9:15 am

The foundation of a Serbian business senate will contribute to the improvement of economic ties with Austria, it was assessed by the two countries’ high officials at a ceremony of the opening of this association in Belgrade. The ceremony, held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, was attended by some 200 guests from the field of international politics and business. More by Ranka Pavlović. Austria is a partner from which Serbia can learn a lot and it is my wish that its government should see Serbia as a sphere of its interests in investments, said Serbian First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić. He said Serbia would conduct essential and comprehensive reforms and regulate its business setting and that he was certain Austria would support it in that process. System laws to regulate the business setting in a different manner, including the laws on labour, privatization, bankruptcy, public officials, building licences and insurance will have been enacted by June, he said. With the help of Austrian colleagues,

Serbia will create a sounder, better and more successful economy, he said, adding that the level of foreign investments in 2013 was 3.5 times higher than a year before. Austria supports Serbia on its EU course, not only through talks in Brussels, but through concrete projects as well, said Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. So far Austria has set aside EUR 1.9 million for projects enabling reforms in the fields of law and judiciary. This year, the funds will be doubled for the region, announced Kurz, adding that the rule of the law and battle against corruption were prerequisites for the development of a modern state, but are also essential for entrepreneurs for successful work. The two countries are not only connected with joint history, but also with cultural, economic and human relations, he said, adding there are 300,000 people of Serbian origin living in Austria and that Austria was the major investor in Serbia.

The foundation of a Serbian business senate is a chance for the development of local economy, said agriculture minister Dragan Glamočić. The state needs new investors and jobs, he said. With EUR 2.9 billion, Austria is the top foreign investor in Serbia and the mutual trade exchange amounts to some EUR 800 million annually. More than 400 Austrian companies are already doing business in the local market and the newly-formed Senate will encourage the opening of new businesses. The Senate in Serbia was founded by the Austrian one and is aimed at connecting business ideas and their joint realization in third markets . The Senate includes eminent persons from the fields of business, science, media and culture, politics, diplomacy and public life.

Source Balkans