Two parties ask for dismissal of Belgrade mayor

Published on September 23, 2013 8:33 am

SNS and DSS councilor groups in the Belgrade City Assembly on Monday submitted their proposal for the removal of Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas from office.

According to head of the SNS group Aleksandar Jovičić, the proposal for Đilas’ dismissal is in accordance with the City Statute – “and the arguments for it are quite clear – the irrational spending in Belgrade, the huge indebtedness, the bringing of public companies into a state of financial collapse.”

A meeting of the presidency of the Progressives (SNS) is scheduled for the afternoon and they are expected to make a decision regarding the local government in the Serbian capital, it was previously announced by the party.

The SPS and the SNS on Sunday said that they would discuss the issue and make a final decision on the change of government in Belgrade over the weekend.

SPS Vice President Branko Ružić said yesterday that in the next two or three days, the public would learn whether Belgrade would get a reshuffled city government, or go to the polls.

Mayor Đilas, who also heads the Democratic Party (DS), said last week that the DS was “not afraid of elections in Belgrade or in any city.”

He called on his political opponents to support the proposal to amend the law on election of mayors, which would allow for direct elections.

The Democrats also announced that they would call on the citizens of Belgrade to join them in a peaceful protest, should an initiative to sack Đilas be launched.

The Belgrade City Assemply is scheduled to meet on Tuesday.

Source B92