UNMIK condemns incidents during vote in northern Kosovo

Published on November 4, 2013 10:06 am

Farid Zarif, special representative of the UN secretary-general (SRSG) in Kosovo, has strongly condemned the incidents that took place during the vote in the northern Kosovo city of Kosovska Mitrovica on Sunday and said that those responsible need to face justice.

SRSG Zarif said in a statement late on Sunday that a comprehensive investigation will be needed to determine how the incidents occurred, and to bring those responsible to account.

“Following the recent wave of violence during the election process, several polling stations in northern Kosovo were vandalized and individuals present were attacked,” according to the UNMIK statement.

The statement added that SRSG Farid Zarif strongly and categorically condemned “these uncivilized and criminal actions intended to undermine the elections process through preventing the population from exercising their democratic right to vote.”

“These destructive acts of hooliganism have no place in civilized and democratic societies and their perpetrators must be urgently held to account,” Zarif said, calling on local and international authorities to establish order in northern Kosovo.

Zarif urged all people involved with the Kosovo elections to remain calm, and for all residents to respect the democratic process and cooperate with local and international law enforcement, the statement said.

Source SerbGov